What is it

Intuitive readings differ for each individual. Depending on the person conducting the reading, the focus can be on anything from releasing blocked energy and past trauma, working through a current hardship, or helping a client to activate their highest potential and life work. 

Intuitive readings are different from psychic readings (they do not seek to predict the future), instead they offer a space for the individual to connect to their higher-self in order to best assess their present. Everyone is intuitive and everyone has the ability to read energy, but some people possess more pronounced strengths in using their intuitive gifts to access extra-sensory information.

what are the benefits

Through an intuitive reading you can explore the present and the possibilities that surround you. Intuitive readings can be used as a tool for personal growth and awareness, and for some they can feel like a counseling session.They enable you to connect with your subconscious, or higher-self, to find answers which on a conscious level you are not always able to do.

Typically, during an intuitive reading there is a lot of processing, releasing, and transmuting of energies in the mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies. For some, intuitive readings can feel like a “talk therapy” session. It all depends on what you, the client, needs.

A successful intuitive reading should leave the client feeling empowered and more knowledgeable about their own gifts and abilities. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to grow awareness of imbalances in your life, offering you the insights into reclaiming personal power and the courage to realise your potential and make choices that align with your joy. This is your opportunity to get the guidance, clarity and healing you deserve.


Session rates

30 mins £30
60 mins £45


Appointments can be made for home visits or over the phone