Through a mix of simple choreography and guided improvisation, Nia instructors emphasize sensation and internal experience over outward aesthetics in an effort to cultivate awareness of one’s body, mind, emotions, and life as a whole.
— Bonner Odell

Nia has the potential for you to connect your body in a very intimate way, first it invites you to Step In: The act of leaving all distractions behind encourages and sets the intention for you to be present, giving you permission in your 60 minute workout to selfishly concentrate on you. The body is then gently prepared for movement by awaking the synovial fluid in the thirteen joints, as the body warms up aches and pains ease away and the journey to Joy of movement begins.

A Nia class invites you to create a sacred space for your body, mind, and spirit. The effects can be immediate and personal, it’s a barefoot movement workout intricately blending dance arts, martial arts and healing arts with music that takes you on a magical journey to celebrate your body. Nia can help you in rediscovering the musical heartbeat of your life through Self – (awareness, expression, attention, perception, joy, and healing).

The practice connects you to body's sensations, it’s joy and fun, freeing you from negative thoughts and patterns placed on you by yourself or others which has limited your freedom of movement. It breathes new life into your body, using integrative muscular action for personal toning, the use of sounding to strengthen your core and voice, playfulness to connect you to your inner-child and best of all, it connects you to others with its unique form of free-dance which builds a sense of friendship and community.

Nia encourages you to move around the space connecting with joy, laughter, and sound.