what is it

Crystal healing has been an immensely popular form of therapy for thousands of years and is hugely dependent on how the crystal energies connect with you . A crystal healing session can help in balancing the chakras, boost your energy levels and activation in connecting to your spiritual essence. They have the ability to hold and emit vibrations which interact with the human energy field restoring it to balance. External elements within our environment such as pollution, electromagnetic fields and geopathetic stress, can all affect your body. Crystals can aid in the healing process on three major levels Physical, Emotional, and Mental. Clearing and balancing these levels can contribute greatly to your overall wellbeing.

What are the benefits

Mental Benefits - Quietens the mind, enabling you to switch off, to think more clearly, to solve everyday problems become more focused and sleep better.

Physical Benefits - Reduces aches and pains and muscle tension, improves poor circulation, energise the body by increasing energy flow, helps with colds and flu, boosts immune system, helps with menstrual conditions, digestive problems, high/low blood pressure and headaches.

Emotional Benefits - Provides a sense of calm, helps you relax, release anxiety, lifts feeling of depression, despondency and desperation, helps balance energy and aids recovery from stress.


Session rates

30 mins £30
60 mins £45


Appointment by home visit.
Distance healing session.*

*A healing that is practiced when the recipient is not physically present is known as distant healing and this works in a similar way to being in the presence of the healer. Distance Healing allows the recipient to benefit from the healing process even if they are unable to be present due to distance or illness.