I cannot remember a time without dance and the joy of movement. I have been fortunate enough to indulge my passion from a young age, but there was a long period of time where I left dance and I forgot the rhythm of my soul. I am not young anymore but since re-discovering my body I have never felt more confident and energetic. My mission now is to share this energy and restore balance, confidence and joy to everyone I meet.
— Carolyn, creator of bodijoy

Carolyn is the founder of BodiJoy, which is her life-long dream and journey. She created BodiJoy out of her conviction that our purpose is to find happiness and physical, mental & spiritual health are key to achieving this.

Carolyn has had three major love affairs in her life: dance, crystals and intuitive readings.

She has always been involved with dance, touring with theatre groups in her youth and later training with the Laban Centre of Dance. A chance discovery of NIA Technique, inspired her to become a certified NIA instructor. NIA’s holistic approach to fitness and movement being the perfect combination of physical and spiritual awareness for her as a healer.

She has spent numerous years working for a renowned psychic in Selfridges, where she discovered her own gifts for intuitive healing. Eventually, Carolyn decided to pursue her talents and went on to attain her diploma in Crystal Therapy from The Vantol College of Crystal Therapy and also has a diploma in Intuitive Reading and Holistic Healing.

Carolyn’s natural gift of sensitivity and movement, alongside her years of experience working with healers, psychics and trainers from all over the world, gives her a unique ability to teach and connect with her clients. She is a resident reader for the annual BRIT Awards held in London and enjoys every opportunity to share her joy with others.